Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa...

Happy Birthday Grandpa... You would be 85 today!

You were 42 when I was born... 45 when I turned to you as my "dad" and lifelong father figure.

You were 52 when I would patiently await your return at the end of the day so we could ride our bikes down to the beach.

You were 62 when I was making your life a complete challenge with being the quintessential spoiled college student. :-)

You were 65 when the humor of your jokes were the hats that Devin would wear on a weekly basis.

You were 72 when you met my love and husband to be, Jacques.

You were 73 when you and Grandma flew down for our wedding in AZ. (the photo enclosed).

You were 77 when you joined Grandma in heaven.

You would have been 80 when Noah was born, and even though you didn't get to meet here on earth, I have the feeling that you two have met many times before ;-)

I miss you so much, and I cherish our special times together. I know that you are here, around, watching over Devin and Noah and keeping all of us on the right path.
I only hope that I can be as great a parent to my children as you and Grandma were to me!

Thank you for your love, your belief and acceptance in me as the individual I am.

Happy Birthday to you!!! With all my love...

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