Friday, March 5, 2010

"Feed the intellect, nurture the spirit, love the child"

This has been an exciting week for Noah. He began attending his school from 9-12, M-F. The most exciting part is when he arrives in the morning for the first hour, he is like every other typical kid at school, he's there without a nanny. I am so proud of him!

He arrives in the morning sometime between 8:50-9:00, they play and ride bikes and scooters on the front playground until the bell rings.

All the kids line up, and walk into class, putting their lunch boxes on the shelf.

In the Montessori Classroom, the day begins with morning circle time. This is a time for the kids to come together and to greet one another. It's also a time where the teacher might review concepts such as calendar, time, and weather or introduce a new work or group lesson. Most lessons include some songs and movement for interaction and focus. This week they began their studies on Australia and New Zealand. They focused on bugs, and the differences between insects and arachnids. (I knew this when I was 3 - not)! They also studied the virtue lesson on Integrity.
The morning circle time lasts for 45 minutes. Thats a long time for Noah to stay focused on an auditory lesson, yet he is doing fantastic! If he, or any other child, gets restless during circle time, one of the teachers will take the children outside to begin working in the outdoor environment. Two days last week Noah went outside after 30 - 35 minutes of circle time, but the rest of the week, he stayed focused for the entire 45 minutes.

After circle time, the children begin their work. There is the indoor environment for intense studies, the outdoor environment, snack table and the "sound lesson" table. There is a language teacher, Lilly, who works with all of the kids on expanding their language and writing skills. Every day Noah works with Lilly on his speech. The school has been so accommodating to work with Noah. What I have been doing is updating the director of the school and her staff each week as to what we are currently working on with Noah, so they will mirror that at school. I will make up extra flash cards, etc, so the school will be on the same page. The director is an amazingly compassionate person who is doing everything to help Noah succeed!

Noah now has snack time with his peers too. He has to get his snack out of his lunch box and set up his space at the table. After snack, he brings his dishes to the outside sink and washes his dishes before storing them back in his lunch box. He is doing so well!

Jenny, the nanny we hired to work with him at school, arrives during his snack time, and is there to help him, when needed, while he does his independent work. After about an hour and a half of work, snack and sound lessons, the kids line up for a second circle time. This circle time consists of songs and dancing for about 10 minutes, then they are dismissed to the playground.

Noah is playing on the playground for about 10-15 minutes before I pick him up at 12:00. He is so cute, when he see's me he comes running up, "Maaaa" and gives me a big hug. Nothing is better than the love from a child, especially from my little man!

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