Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seeing the Light...

The last week or so has been such a struggle with Noah. He has transformed into that wonderful, challenging, terrible three's!

He is refusing to cooperate with just about everything, and I find myself truly struggling and wondering if I am doing enough, doing the right work, etc.

It's at times like this I have to look for that light, the light that is Noah and not surround myself in the tunnel of darkness of "what isn't".

Light- He is trying to talk more. Now, when I say something that begins with a "B", he will try to say it to with the "B" at the beginning. We have found our phrase of "all done" again (that phrase was on vacation for the past couple of months).
Dark - I just want him to talk!!!! I lose sight of the progress, small progress, but yet we are moving forward.

Light -He is doing well at school with the extended time. He stays focused for at least 30 of the 45 minute circle time. Some days he lasts the entire 45 minutes, other days he needs to go outside and stretch his long little legs.
He is eating snack with his peers at school, getting his placemat out, setting his snack in his bowl, sitting and eating properly and drinking from an open cup. After snack he has to wash his dishes, clean his placemat and put his lunch box away.
He is kind to his peers and curious, always taking his work to his table or mat to try something new.
Dark - He isn't wanting to learn new lessons right now. When he brings his work to his space, often he immediately brings it right back to the shelf. When he is done wanting to work, he will go and just lay down, refusing to get up.

Light - We are working on our program from NACD on a regular basis, trying to accomplish as much as we can each day.
Dark - This is so difficult to implement sometimes. Especially to complete all the tasks, 39 this quarter, multiple times a day! Then I beat myself up for not being a "good enough" mom to finish the program, judging myself each day based on Noah's progress.

Light - Noah is following multiple step directions throughout the house now. Going to his room to get something that I ask for. Delivering a message to daddy in his office, etc.
Dark - At the same time, when he doesn't want to do something, he drops to the floor, refusing to get up, yelling at me as he signs "no". This has happened this past week, not only in the privacy of our own home, but in Wallgreens and Whole Foods - lovely!!!

Light vs Dark - the eternal struggle. We are on a path, and I tend to lose sight of that during a week like this. If I stay focused on the light, it really isn't that dark after all. Noah is light, pure light, and this I must always remember.


  1. Very well stated honey. Remember, you too are part of "the light".
    Love, Mom

  2. Raquel,
    Be sure to read my post "The Walk" and know you are not alone!!

    Sam is still my "NO" boy but thankfully the stop, drop and plop stage has indeed past.

    One day at a time and don't waste time beating yourself up instead do something for you and start all over with program the next day!!!