Friday, August 17, 2012

What a Difference Six Months Make...

Wow! I just read my last post... that poor woman! As I read the last post it brought me back to that day, that moment, where I felt like a complete failure as a mother, as well as a woman. For I was failing, I felt defeated. I was raised to be better than that woman... or was I? I am human... I think :)lol! I realize that I have truly struggled over this past year... Partly due to the fact that my little man wasn't where "I expected him to be" by the age of five... also due to the additional fact that my little girl, my first love, my daughter Devin, is graduating from college, getting her first "real" job in the corporate world, and moving out of state... permanently? Yes, incorporating the "empty nest syndrome" along with the "expectation syndrome" and topping it with the "hormonal syndrome"... well, life has been one large bowl of cherries!!! So, to sum up in 50 words or less, the past six months... Devin Brooke graduated from the University of Arizona, with Honors, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Pre-Law Studies. Her aspiration is to be a Criminal Psychologist... However she is equally talented and gifted on the right side of her brain as well. At the fabulous age of 22, my little girl can accomplish ANYTHING she sets her mind to. Right now she is working at a staffing company in San Diego, living three blocks from the water and enjoying the corporate lifestyle of a young entrepreneur. Noah, well, my little man is the MOST amazing human EVER! Over the past six months he has jumped leaps and bounds!!! I am so damn proud of him, of his tenacity and mostly of his LOVE of life... EVERY DAY! We not only started him on the Changing Minds Foundation protocol but also incorporated some additional supplements into his daily diet. I will post additional information in a latter post, but just want to say he is my amazing little man! He began school back at Montessori Academy again this year. We switched teachers and I feel so blessed to have him in Mrs Headley's class every day. She is an amazingly gifted teacher and is filled with such love and acceptance... I can't say enough about this woman! Even though Noah is five and would qualify for Kindergarten, we decided to have him repeat P-K this year, but attend all day. We are in day 10 of school, and he is doing FANTASTIC!!! We hired an additional tutor, Ms Angela, to cover when Ms Tammy is not available. It seems like the perfect fit! We also found an amazing nanny this summer, Ms Erica, whom Noah loves, as well as us!!! She is a wonderful security knowing that when Jacques or I need to be working late, Erica is there taking care of Noah as we would! LOVE her! Today, day 10 of school, Noah actually attended the first two hours on his own! He is doing that well that the teacher said she didn't need a tutor for Noah this am, and he will be great on his own! He has been soaring with his academics... on Wed, he completed over 24 different works! Thats amazing!!! Well, I could go on and on, but basically I just wanted to say... I'm Baaaccckkk and in a much better mood and energy place than I was in February. I hope all is well in the blogging world with all of our friend, cyber or tangible. With lots of love and understanding... Raquel, always a mom to Devin and Noah...


  1. Congratulations Devin!! You must be so proud of yourself girl!!
    Good job mama for taking your daughter to get this huge step on her life.
    I am so glad that Noah is doing good at school.

    1. Hi Patty,
      thank you so much for well wishes :) So proud of both of my babies, my Devi Bear and my little Monkey, Noah. Love to see how well your family is doing... want to make the butterfly mask for the transition of summer to fall!