Friday, October 29, 2010

International Festival Day

On Thursday evening, Noah's school celebrated their International Festival Day.

The month of October was spent studying the different countries around the world and their traditions.

It was so adorable, the kids performed for their parents and family. They sang about 10 songs all in different languages with gestures to accompany each song.

They did such a wonderful job!!!

Noah's Great Grandmother is Native American from the Cherokee tribe. That makes him 1/8 Native American (my little blonde native)!
So, it was appropriate for Noah to represent the Native American's during his school festival.

He insisted on being front and center... never taking his eyes off of his teacher, except at the end of the song to clap and share his joy with all those around him!

Below is a fabulous montage of the celebratory evening, captured in photo by my amazingly talented hubby ;-)

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