Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This was such a fun weekend! This is our first year in our new neighborhood; a true neighborhood where they have block parties, trick or treaters and lots of fun!

One of Noah's favorite shows, along with Signing Times and Jacks Big Music Show, is The Wiggles! So, this year he dressed up as Captain Feather Sword from the Wiggles! (we made him an awesome feather sword to go with his outfit, but sadly it was left behind - not viewed to be very awesome from the little man).

On Saturday there was a neighborhood block party. It was so much fun! Noah had a great time, (after his initial terrifying fear of all the people gathered around) he had a fantastic time playing with the neighbor kids for over two hours!

Here are some wonderful shots of our little Captain...

Captain Noah is ready to party...

Ahoy Matey!!!

I've spotted the party!

Hmmm, a lot of gatherers... best to stand back and observe :-)

And in southern AZ, Devin Brooke was disguised as a beautiful Monarch!

A wonderful weekend was had by all!


  1. Okay, it's official...he's adorable and the monarch costume, wow. That looks great, a classy costume. I like it!

  2. Hi Sue, I know, I love that she is both talented and a little conservative!!
    Hope all is well, thinking of you and Sam often and keeping you in our prayers.