Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You Better Run, Run, Run!

So lately, well for the past four years ;-), I feel like all we do is run from one thing to the next.

In order to have some sanity and connection with my husband, along with a simi-functional 40-something body, we like to run together in the morning. So, we wake up, (usually around 7:00) Noah has some milk while he plays on Paddington (his i-pad) and we have some coffee, then it's off for a morning run with Noah in his jogging stroller.

We get home with about 15/20 minutes for Noah to have breakfast, get dressed and get in the car to go to school.

School is from 9-12, then he usually has an appointment soon after.

There is the NACD program that is supposed to be completed daily, along with a nap and feedings, relaxing and just being in the moment. All this is supposed to be fit in before going to bed around 8:00 and starting it all over again!

Noah's weekly schedule...

Mon: School 9 - 12 - Speech at 1:00
Tues: School 9 - 12 - Speech at 2:00
Wed: School 9 - 12 -Speech at 1:00
Thurs: School 9 - 12 -Speech at 2:00 - Horseback Riding at 3:00
Fri:School 9 - 12 - Music at 1:00

A blogger friend talked in a previous post about Free Play and the importance of it for proper development.
She also spoke about the guilty feelings that we (especially the mom's of children with special needs) experience when we aren't DOING something to better the future of our little ones!

Ahhh, how I related to her post! I constantly feel like I should be Doing More, Being Better at ... and Helping Noah to Accomplish... It is never ending!

Noah is happy. He is doing well in school. He is making strides in speech. He is growing up and he is AMAZING!

I need to learn to live more in the present moment and take in everything around me, just like my little man!
When I grow up, I hope to be JUST LIKE HIM!!!


  1. I think you are doing an amazing job. I have heard about the NACD program and I have just heard good things. We are thinking to put our son in this program when he gets older. I know how you feel! My son it is not even in the school and I am running from place to place all the time and it won't get better when he gets older. By the way, you should enroll Noah in the Parents Magazine cover contest, he is a very handsome little guy.

  2. Hi Raquel and Noah! So good to see your blog! Noah has grown so much since I last saw him. Wow!
    I would love to hear about what apps you have on the ipad. Maya loves to use mine and I'm always looking for new apps for her.

    Looking forward to reading more of you blog!

  3. Hi Raquel, Remember when we talked? One day at a time and just do the best you can...but never ever miss enjoying Noah...don't make program a chore, have fun and never beat yourself up about program that isn't done. Tomorrow is a new day and you try again. Our schedules are hectic and you know with our current situation exactly what I'm talking about. Your NACD program is meant to fluctuate with your life...life happens as Sam teaches me so often and I just continue to do the best I can. You're a great MOM and Noah is doing fantastic!

  4. Hi everyone, thank you for your wonderful responses.
    Regarding the apps on the i-pad, one of the best I've found as a parent is My First Words by Smart Baby Apps - this is awesome as you can upload your own photos and record your own voice. You can also set the speed that the flash cards will flow to the next. Priceless! Maya will love to see herself and here your voice describing the event!
    Noah also loves Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. This game has taught him many skills... counting, same vs. different, matching... Its a great introduction to skills, then I will take the passion from the game and apply it tangibly. Like with the memory/matching game, I then pulled out the memory/matching card game and he is up to 10 matches at one sitting! There is another app that he uses a lot, but I don't remember the name. It shows as FW Animals on my phone. This is a spelling game with the letters mixed up below and you have to put them in proper order. I then will use the words that Noah has seen on the i-pad and make flash cards of those words to add to our reading vocabulary.
    We recently uploaded a bunch of new applications, but being a little man of routine, he isn't eager to learn the new apps just yet!

    Regarding program, oh Sue, I know intellectually how I should be handling program and lack of completion, but then there is that emotional side, the pride side, the type A personality side! Lord help me to stay in the moment and learn from you my friend! You are an angel on my shoulder, like you have the time for that, however its true!
    Thank you all!