Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This is a year for all of us to be so grateful for every little blessing! It has been a tough year for many and how wonderful that we are given a day to be with family, eat wonderful food and celebrate our daily gifts of God given goodness.

As a tribute to Noah's teachers, therapists, and family members, we spent the last week making turkey's of thanks.
I cut out the pieces and wrote on the turkeys and Noah helped me to glue on the accessories. It was fun and he was semi-patient... completing a few turkeys each day.

I think my favorite part of any holiday is the preparation; especially setting up the atmosphere. I love pulling out my Grandmother's dishes and finding linens and accents to go with the holiday decor.
I also love dressing my little man for the day! My mini clothes horse!
We had a wonderful celebration with our immediate family. It was fun, relaxing and satisfying... yum!! :-)
Here is a photo collage of our day photographed by my talented hubby.

I'm thankful for God guiding our path, for my family, our health and our wonderful friends, old and new! I look forward to growing closer to all this upcoming year!

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