Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vestibular update...

On Monday we saw the new occupational therapist, Aimee, from Pillar Child Development. We talked about the crazy week prior with all the behavior changes, etc. since N saw her for the first time the week prior. She wanted us to come back this week for a second visit, so we went this am. Noah had to skip school in order to go to Pillar for therapy, but it is well worth it!

Today N was really into crawling around; in tubes, over pillows, around pillars, anything that was giving him that cross pattern movement he was all about!

When it came to the vestibular movement of the swings, he really wasn't very interested. A week ago Monday, at his first appointment with Aimee, there was a lot of swinging, on a board, on a tube, in a hammock, etc. All of that swinging movement awoke a sensation in his little body that I don't think he understood how to handle. This past week he has been quite defiant!
Where typically our little man is very compliant, easy going and wanting to please, the past ten days have been shocking us with the expression of defiance, strong will and when frustrated, throwing and even the attempts of hitting his therapists twice.

WHAT is GOING ON!?!?!? Being the expert that I am :) I have my own opinions... one thing that has changed is that we have increased the Ginko Biloba that we are giving Noah. Therefore, if it is working as we are expecting it too, N has "woken up" and is now stating his opinion and/or preferences to certain activities. Also, piggy-backing on that expert theory :0... we have disrupted and awakened something in N from the intensive occupational therapy movements with Aimee Pillar. Soooo... it is expected that he is acting out until he feels comfortable again within his own skin, where he feels balanced and in control.

Today was a better day, both in speech and with our tutor/nanny, Amy. He was much more compliant, eager to work and stayed focused a little longer than the past week+.

We have an appointment with a developmental/behavioral pediatrician on Monday afternoon. His name is Dr. Daniel Kessler. He has a wonderful reputation and will hopefully have a great energy and relationship with Noah.

Updates to come soon... have a fabulous Friday!

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